Management Services

Real Estate is a fantastic investment opportunity but requires a lot of time, attention, and expertise to maximize your return on investment. Whether you own a single-family home, entire apartment complex, or commercial space, we are qualified and experienced in helping manage that property. We also specialize in managing neighborhood associations. See below for a list of some of the management services we offer:



While the reasons our clients choose professional management vary, here are some key reasons people select it over self-management:

PROPERTY MARKETING: We understand the local market and have an extensive network of contacts and advertising resources available.

TENANT SCREENING: We handle all inquiries, and our rental application is designed to obtain complete information on each applicant to ensure qualified tenants.

RENT COLLECTIONS AND EVICTIONS: Our rent collection policy is fair but firm. We take quick action to protect your interest should delinquencies occur. In the event legal eviction is necessary, we handle all aspects of the process.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE: We handle maintenance requests from tenants and are on call for emergency repairs 24 hours a day. We also provide an Online Maintenance Request for our tenants’ convenience.

RECORD-KEEPING: We keep accurate and timely records on all aspects of the management of your property including rental income and expenditures incurred.

MONITORING YOUR PROPERTY: Our policy is to do bi-weekly exterior inspections of the property and interior inspections twice a year.

COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL FORMS: To offer you maximum protection, our leases are complete; court-tested and comply with all state and federal laws.


In short, Tabor Management acts as the liaison between the owner and the tenants, keeping the owners insulated from the daily issues encountered in property management. In addition to keeping the owner informed, we also assist in maximizing income and minimizing expenses. We offer a full-service professional staff that is hands-on and ready to assist you with your property management needs.



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